New Patients

Welcome to Santa Cruz Dental Sleep, where we specialize in the relief of sleep disorders through the use of oral appliances. If this is your first visit to Dr. Smith’s office, we request that you contact us to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. At that time, Dr. Smith will review your condition and discuss treatment options. If you have not yet obtained a diagnosis for your sleep apnea condition, Dr. Smith can provide referrals to qualified sleep medicine physicians. This must be completed before any form of oral appliance treatment can be started.

Patients who have obtained an initial diagnosis from a sleep medicine physician or an accredited sleep laboratory are asked to bring a copy of their polysomnogram (sleep study) so that we may better asses your condition and formulate a treatment program. If you have ever worn any kind of mouth guard for a grinding problem, please bring it with you for evaluation. In addition, we would request that you have your dentist forward any recent panoramic radiograph (dental X-rays) that are available.

Your consultation with Dr. Smith will begin with a through oral examination and assessment to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for an oral sleep appliance. He will review your sleep study and explain how oral appliance therapy is utilized for the treatment of sleep apnea. Based on your condition and oral physiology, you can then review the specific devices that may be most appropriate, and together select the oral appliance best suited to your needs.

Once an oral appliance is selected, Dr. Smith will take dental impressions that will be sent to a lab for custom-fabrication. This process typically takes two to three weeks, at which time you will return for a second visit to have the appliance fitted, at which time Dr. Smith will explain it’s use and care.

After you begin sleeping with the appliance, Dr. Smith will usually request one or more follow up visits to ensure you are sleeping comfortably, and to make any needed adjustments to the appliance. You may then be referred back to your sleep physician for a follow-up sleep study to ensure your oral appliance is providing effective treatment for your sleep apnea.